Boost Your Productivity (DIWALI SPECIAL!)

Boost Your Productivity (DIWALI SPECIAL!)

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·Nov 3, 2021·

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lD8D4A1ap.gif Hello world, In this blog I will give you some tips to Boost Your Productivity.


A developer with good energy wouldn’t only get more work done in less time but also impart positive vibes in the workplace — which reflects on the team’s performance as well. It’s a good indicator of how the product pans out eventually.

Staying productive over a long period requires you to imbibe certain work ethics and habits. Ways that after a while become a part of your daily routine.

Proper Sleep

Software developers often bargain with their sleep to put extra efforts to reach their goals. It’s not surprising to hear a lot of software engineers are sleep deprived.

With software engineering being such a demanding job, where the mind is continuously working out for a significant period of the day, sleep deprivation would only make you feel lethargic thereby hampering your productivity.

Besides, having a good sleep has a lot of benefits more focus, better decision making, and improved memory skills all things that play a role in making a developer work in an efficient manner. While deadlines and gadgets disturb sleep, here are some ways to deal with that to get good sleep:

  • A consistent sleep routine helps our mind and body figure out their natural clock, thereby enhancing the chances of a deep sleep cycle.

  • A digital detox, typically an hour before sleep, is crucial if you find it hard to sleep on time. Keeping gadgets around will only increase wakefulness.

  • Planning the next day before you sleep exponentially increases your productivity by giving you a head start. Besides, it’s a nice reminder for the sleep hour.

Taking Breaks

Developers often find themselves surrounded with a pile of work and deadlines which lead to longer working hours, without breaks.

It’s important to realize in order to keep up with focus and concentration levels, the mind needs a break from time to time. Besides, the body needs a stretch too.

Taking small breaks during work hours not only boosts your energy but also prevents overanalyzing the task at hand. We, as developers, when working at a stretch often tend to dig into details.

Taking short breaks from time to time allows you to look at the bigger picture with an unbiased perspective.

I’ve solved more problems during long walks than in front of a computer.

A couple of ways to remind yourself it’s a time for a break are:

  • Set up timer divide your goals.

  • Drink water stay hydrated this keeps you fresh.

Minimize Distractions

It’s practically impossible to avoid interruptions at a workplace, you can deploy certain strategies to minimize them:

  • Invest in a good pair of headphones. That music affects our brain is no myth. Besides eliminating noise and keeping the developer in their zone, it boosts the mood of a person as well.

- Eliminate unnecessary notifications. Email alerts and notification badges are the common cause of distraction. Hence, you need to make it a point to snooze them, especially during deep work.

Read Books

Developers, often entangled in their work, find it hard to fit reading into their schedule.

Reading plays a huge role in boosting the productivity of a person. While reading others’ code gives a fresh perspective to a developer, books are crucial for expanding horizons and imparting new ideas.

Reading only 30 minutes a day, be it some interesting source code or a book would challenge your thoughts, enhance your reasoning skills, and help you stay in a positive mood.

Besides being a great stress buster, reading only sharpens your focus and memory thereby making you a productive developer in the long run.

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